Success for Early Adopter of SD-WAN

NetworkWorld’s article “SD-WAN: What it is and why you’ll use it one day” gives real-world insight into how software-defined WAN helps businesses better manage their wide area network (WAN). Like many customers, industrial and commercial supplier Redmond Inc. grappled with the task of managing multiple network-based systems (phone, point of sale and fax) based out of their headquarters and connecting across multiple branches in the Midwest. Branch sites depend on a reliable connection in order to operate and managing multiple connections can pose a challenge to businesses, particularly with rural remote locations.

The article gives a first-hand account of how this emerging WAN solution (described as a “little brother” to SDN) solves business pain points by allowing customers to controlling their entire WAN through software while linking across multiple connection types (MPLS, Internet, LTE, etc.).  The featured business story demonstrates how solutions from SD-WAN providers such as VeloCloud offer attractive benefits to customers: adjust network configurations from a single interface; allocate and pay for bandwidth based on usage; save on costs associated IT staffing and hardware, such as router maintenance and support.

Learn about Redmond Inc., an early adopter to SD-WAN, and how to help your own customers centrally manage and easily deploy WAN. Read “SD-WAN: What it is and why you’ll use it one day”.  



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