SD-WAN 2.0 Training on University of TBI

New SD-WAN 2.0 course on the University of TBI!


After a year of training and selling SD-WAN services successfully across multiple vendors, TBI is proud to share our best practices with the channel community through our brand new SD-WAN 2.0 training.

This SD-WAN training offers the most complete SD-WAN sales training available in the channel.  The training is 100% vendor agnostic and created by TBI’s internal training team after hours upon hours of vetting different solution providers. 

In addition to sitting through all the vendor training to save our partners time, effort, and energy, the training has been designed in tandem with key selling SD-WAN partners of TBI.  The training was built with partner feedback throughout the entire creation process.

The course curriculum includes:

  • SD-WAN Myths and Misconceptions
  • 2017 Marketplace Maturation
  • Automatic Failover
  • WAN Optimization
  • Application Prioritization
  • Vendor Breakdown – Layer 3 vs. Layer 7
  • Sales Enablement Tools
  • Short Quiz

To enroll in this course, take the following steps:

  1. Log in at
  2. Scroll down to Tech Recommendations and Suggestions
  3. Click on SD-WAN 2.0 
  4. Click Enroll Me
  5. Begin learning!

NOTE: an intro to SD-WAN is also available on the University of TBI

If you haven’t already enrolled in the University of TBI, enroll here!


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