Security Training on University of TBI

In 2018, Channel Partners are dealing with a ridiculously high amount of marketing fluff and fear tactics.  Never before has there been so much interest in the channel from Wall Street, equity firms, and end users themselves. All of this attention and spotlight means more vendors developing programs, more complexity as vendors merge with one another, and more emerging solutions that the channel is told to sell lest they miss out on the “skills pivot” that is necessary to handle “digital transformation.”

When you filter out the noise coming from all sides (TBI and other distributors are not innocent in all of this, mind you) there’s one metric that Channel Partners can always trust: Customer Demand.

Customers are telling the technology industry that they need security solutions. 50% of companies surveyed by TechRepublic indicated that improving security is a top priority for their IT spending in 2018.

Not only do they want these solutions and have the money to spend, the customer’s executive team also has buy-in when it comes to procuring IT security. 

That’s the triple crown of selling. Demand, budget, and executive backing.

Learning about security solutions isn’t impossible. As a matter of fact, it’s one of the easiest practices to have a conversation with a vendor, distributor, or end user about. Security strikes a chord with end users that connectivity and voice solutions don’t. Security is incendiary: it flares passions. And since security is in the cultural zeitgeist every time you log on or turn on the TV, there’s a lot of facts (and opinions of course) out there.it_security_salaries-100590017-primary.idge

TBI’s Security Training on the University of TBI is here to help you build or complement your security practice. Here’s what the training focuses on:

  • Endpoint Security
  • Managed Firewalls
  • Intrusion Detection/Intrusion Prevention
  • Vulnerability Scans
  • Penetration Testing
  • DDoS Mitigation

By the end of this training you’ll not only understand what these solutions are through the stories that we tell, but you’ll also have sales enablement resources at your fingertips to help you meet the customer demand out in the field. Our sales enablement includes:

  • Security white label flyers for solutions above
  • Security Discovery Questions
  • Security Guides
  • Assessments to test your knowledge before you take it to the field

When it comes to products in the Channel, I don’t like to listen to the experts. Why? I’ve been led astray too many times. I’ve been snake-oiled and I’ve lost hours I’ll never get back on calls with SMEs about magic bullets that turn out to be flimsy arrows. 

I like to listen to my customers.

And customers are demanding security. Loudly.

Let’s learn and meet the demand, together.


To enroll in this course, take the following steps:

  1. Log in at
  2. Scroll down to Technology Overview
  3. Select Security Training 
  4. Follow the instructions and begin learning!

In less than 15 minutes, you can widen your knowledge on security and become a certified expert on the subject. Enroll today to get started!

If you haven’t already enrolled in the University of TBI, enroll here!