Selling CCaaS and CPaaS to UCaaS Customers

Businesses have seen big benefits from UCaaS over the past year, with many of your own customers using UCaaS to stay connected and productive. More and more, companies are recognizing the value in easy to deploy cloud solutions due to their cost savings and scalability.

Now that your customers have deployed UCaaS, what other cloud offerings could help their business? Two key solutions that you should be talking about are contact center as a service (CCaaS) and communication platform as a service (CPaaS)

Contact centers are key players in ensuring a positive customer experience, and CCaaS allows businesses to easily setup a virtual call center using the cloud. These features previously only available to bigger companies, requiring costly investments, can now be easily accessible to your customers of all sizes. This is especially useful in helping businesses control headcount and manage fluctuating call volumes.

CPaaS also provides a means for your customers to provide stronger, more tailored customer experiences without the need for new backend infrastructure and interfaces. Adding features and functionality like notifications, click-to-call and multifactor authentication is made easy through APIs, comprehensive software development kits (SDKs), and Java or .NET code libraries. The CPaaS market is expected to hit $17.2 billion by 2023. If you haven’t yet checked out The Partner Playbook: Selling CPaaS, download it now

Could CCaaS or CPaaS Be the Next Solution to Benefit Your Customers? Download this white label document to introduce these solutions and assess your customers’ needs.

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