New SIP Training on University of TBI

We’ve added SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) training to the University of TBI!


Training can be found on the front page underneath the "Technology Overview: Recommendations & Suggestions" section:

  • Definition
  • SIP superiority over traditional TDM telephony
  • Channel Sales importance
  • Challenges to identify and conversation starters
  • Vendor recommendations
  • Discovery questions
  • Quote request information
  • Short quiz

If you haven’t already, enroll in the University of TBI. Get yourself acquainted. Watch the tutorial video, start your journey and get TBI certified.

  • Available anywhere you have an Internet connection and mobile optimized
  • Self-paced learning, both video and text-based (eBook) training
  • Vendor agnostic information
  • Glossary of technology and business terms
  • Technology overview and recommendations – material on new and emerging technology markets, including discovery questions and best of breed vendor options
  • TBI Solutions Certification v.1.1 – telecommunications and cloud, updated every 6 months


Enroll by emailing (available to registered partners only).

For more information on SIP and how to choose a SIP provider checkout TBI's SIP Guide.