IT Stress and Revenue Potential

Did you miss yesterday’s TBI webinar? Here is a brief recap and direct link to the presentation.

In “IT Stress and Revenue Potential”, TBI Director of Sales Adam Knudsen and Sales Trainer Dave Landsberger discussed the advantages of offering managed services, or outsourced IT, and the solutions these services can provide.

AT TBI we look at managed services as the meeting point between people and technology. More specifically, how can the technology that a company uses be optimized to enhance user experience, increase productivity, and drive output.

When you sell managed services you are not selling a product, which is what most of our agents are used to selling. Instead, you are selling a solution. Each managed services solution will be different because each company has its own set of problems and stress points, not just in their IT department, but company-wide. Solutions may include services like trouble-ticket management, device management, proactive network management, and others.

Understandably, a solution like this that changes with each customer can be difficult for some agents to wrap their heads around. However, here are some statistics anyone can appreciate:

80% of an agent’s time is consumed by service implementation, including troubleshooting technology problems and general customer service. With managed services, these tasks are all handled by an outside service provider. That gives agents 80% more time to close sales, uncover opportunities, build relationships, and make money.

At TBI we find that the average revenue per opportunity is 10x more for Managed Services than for any other solution.

These numbers spell out a clear message to agents: profit.
To learn the ins and outs of managed services and how you can start earning more by offering these services to your customers, watch the recorded webinar here:
IT Stress and Revenue Potential Webinar

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