Talking Tech and Telecom with MSPs and VARs in Atlantic City

Being in the right place at the right time: that’s how I feel about TBI attending the final event of the 2014 ASCII Summit Series in Bally’s Atlantic City.

I’m here at the show with Channel Manager Seth Woodward, speaking with ASCII members and explaining the value TBI brings to the table in the form of a strategic partnership. Looking from their business point of view we’re showing ASCII members that working with TBI allows them to offer their customers a complete technology solution, which adds exponential value to their current customer relationship, while also setting them on a level above their own competitors who don’t offer these technology services.

First, a little background about the organization:

The ASCII Group is made up of over 2,000 MSPs and VARs worldwide. ASCII provides these busineASCII Logoss members
with the every-day services that often fall to the wayside because of a lack of time or resources. Things like marketing, public relations, vendor research, and networking. This particular event has lined up some great speakers with cutting-edge SMB research designed to help the MSP and VAR community sell more successfully to the market.

This is our first time exhibiting with ASCII and from first impressions alone it’s clear that ASCII knows how to run a solid event! Last night’s networking event was great (and had some amazing food too).

The prospects we’ve been talking to have all been really receptive to TBI and the “hands on” consultative approach we show our partners. And they see that their customers in turn, will benefit from the broad spectrum of solutions, pricing, and options we provide. Much of the value TBI brings to them is the proactive voice of reason and unbiased advice that is so rare when dealing with the direct side of telecom sales. And much of the value is also in the unmatched ability of our back office to quote efficiently, accurately, and quickly while allowing our channel managers to consult each unique scenario as its own.2014 ASCII Atlantic City, Matt Fromm and Seth Woodward

Enabling our partners with the ability to offer telecom solutions provides a much-needed resource for their customers. A common pain point of a small businesses owner when dealing with internet or phone services is in the initial process. Businesses don’t have the time or desire to call each provider’s 800 number and speak with a scripted call center representative who doesn’t know their business from a hole in the wall. TBI takes the hassle out of telecom, and facilitates the process from start to finish while proactively collaborating with partners to ensure their customers are getting the technology solutions to keep their business growing.

As I interact more and more with the MSPs and VARs at ASCII it’s clear that they get it. They understand the limitless demand for connectivity and see the benefits of partnering with us. They know that the convergence of technologies is undeniable and by integrating technology and telecom solutions into their core business, they are able to complete their customer’s technology needs. As information and technology needs expand, customers will be searching for options to upgrade and scale their networks to meet this demand. And the ASCII community is in the perfect position to meet this demand.

TBI is a clear and natural fit for ASCII members, and today we are showing them first-hand why. I have a feeling this event will be a huge success and will lead to much more involvement with the ASCII community, which we welcome with open arms!


About the Author
Matthew Fromm is an Agent Recruitment Manager at TBI. His team focuses on recruiting new partners like MSPs and VARs, to the TBI partner network and educating them on the benefits of working with TBI as a distributor. You can contact Matt at or connect with him on LinkedIn.