TBI Expands SD-WAN Offerings with Bigleaf Networks Partnership

Leading service delivery provider adds cloud-first SD-WAN solution to its portfolio

TBI is pleased to announce it has solidified a partnership with Bigleaf Networks, an over-the-top SD-WAN provider offering Same IP Address Failover, Intelligent Load Balancing, Dynamic QoS, and Plug-and-Play Provisioning.

Built for the channel, Bigleaf is 100 percent dedicated to an indirect sales model. As more businesses move to Cloud, VoIP, SaaS, and VDI solutions and leverage channel partners to identify the best solutions, Bigleaf’s “Cloud-First” SD-WAN becomes an obvious choice for both the customer and the channel partner. 

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Unlike box-only SD-WAN solutions, Bigleaf uses a split architecture that leverages both routers at the customer premise, as well as a dedicated gateway network built into major Internet peering hubs around the country. This gives end-to-end management and control over any Cloud-based traffic. For customers leveraging a VPN architecture for site-to-site connectivity, Bigleaf’s QoS and Same IP Failover platform will direct and control the tunnel traffic to provide a previously-unachievable level of VPN stability and performance.

Bigleaf prides itself on a unique plug-and-play deployment model that is dedicated to staying outside of the customer’s existing firewall with their onsite router. This allows for a very quick self-installation process, enabling the customer to leverage SD-WAN intelligence across their Internet environment without the complicated setup and installation procedures that many SD-WAN vendors require.

“We’re thrilled to begin this relationship with TBI and their extensive partner community,” said John Hogan, VP of Partner Sales & Business Development at Bigleaf. “For partners that value a vendor-neutral approach to telecom consulting, and like the idea of building carrier and physically diverse connectivity to the Cloud that is both cost-effective and robust, Bigleaf is a natural fit in the SD-WAN space.”

Through this relationship, TBI partners can now benefit from selling Bigleaf’s innovative SD-WAN technology. Partners get support from the industry’s strongest back office, which includes dedicated solution engineers to help with discovery, design and project management of Bigleaf SD-WAN deployments. They also benefit from sales enablement support to help them better position Bigleaf’s key differentiators to their customer base.

“Supporting customers that leverage multiple cloud environments is never an easy task. Couple that with multiple sites, lack of visibility into applications and a need to keep security within the customers hands, just makes for an ideal Bigleaf customer. We now have the ability to work in tandem with customers’ security appliances, resulting in a redundant and a resourceful network,” explains Jeff Newton, VP of Enterprise Sales and Engineering at TBI.

To learn more about the benefits of selling Bigleaf’s SD-WAN solutions through TBI, speak with your channel manager today.



About TBI

TBI is the nation’s leading third-party technology distributor. Since 1991, it has assisted Systems Integrators, VARs, MSPs, IT consultants, developers, software distributors and more in advising and sourcing the right technology solutions. TBI serves as a partner’s advocate, ensuring the proper provisioning of cloud, Internet, data, mobility, voice, and managed services from best-in-class service providers to achieve clients’ desired business outcomes. Through training and marketing programs focused on the benefits of technology to the business, TBI empowers its partners to be the foremost authority to advise and source all their clients’ technology needs. With the largest back-office in the industry, TBI partners are fully supported by pre- and post-sales operations, project managers, and solutions engineers certified in the latest industry-leading technologies. For more information, visit www.tbicom.com.

About Bigleaf Networks

Bigleaf Networks is the intelligent networking service that optimizes Internet and Cloud performance by dynamically choosing the best connection based on real-time usage and diagnostics. Inspired by the natural architecture of leaves, the Bigleaf Cloud-first SD-WAN platform leverages redundant connections for optimal traffic re-routing, failover and load-balancing. The company is dedicated to providing a better Internet experience and ensuring peace of mind with simple implementation, friendly support and powerful technology. Founded in 2012, Bigleaf Networks is investor-backed, with service across North America. To learn more, visit www.bigleaf.net or talk to Bigleaf at 1-888-244-3133.

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