TBI Operations Team Spotlight: Deonta Taggett

TBI’s award-winning back office is unmatched in the industry. Get to know the people who make an impact. This month we shine the spotlight on Deonta Taggett, Qualifications Specialist.

How long have you been at TBI? What is your role?Operations Spotlight- Deonta Taggett (2)

I have been with TBI for 4 years, originally coming in through a temp agency. I am on the Qualifications team in the Operations department. 

What do you enjoy about TBI?

I think what I enjoy the most about TBI are the environment and the people. Everyone is super welcoming and hard-working and it’s easy to work with them. 

What is a personal accomplishment you have attained while at TBI? What personal goals do you have set?

A personal goal of mine was always to develop good email etiquette, which I definitely have done while engaging with TBI's partners. However, I would still like to continue to improve on my skills when it comes to that and assisting partners. 

What would you do if you were given a surprise day off?

If I were given a surprise day off, I would probably just sleep in a bit before working on videos for my YouTube channel. 

What is the last show or movie you binge-watched?

The last movie that I watched was the new Mortal Kombat movie on HBO Max, which I would highly recommend for video gamers who don’t take things too seriously. The last show I watched was Teen Wolf, which I have done many times because it's one of my favorites.  


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