TBI Operations Team Spotlight: Kimmy Bialczak

TBI’s award-winning back office is unmatched in the industry. Get to know the people who make an impact. This month we shine the spotlight on Kimmy Bialczaak, Support Specialist. 


Tell us about your role at TBI and how long you've been with the company.fav headshot

I celebrated my 3-year work anniversary this year in October. I work in the Operations department on the Omni Support team. In my role, I support our sales department, working on both inbound and outbound campaigns.

What is your favorite TBI story?

A co-worker of mine joined the mentorship program last year and the amount of progress they made both personally and professionally was a huge inspiration to me. The program helped them better articulate their wants and needs within TBI  and they have since been promoted! They have also taken on new hobbies and interests outside of TBI. It’s wonderful to see how a structured support system at work can really help a person become the best version of themselves. I was inspired to join the program myself and so far it has been a great resource.

Tell us an interesting fact about yourself.

I have owned and cared for over 100 different animals from small insects to large farm stock. You name it and I have probably owned and cared for it. The newest addition to my family is a 3-month-old piebald ball python named Rhea.

What show have you recently binge-watched?

I am currently bingeing The X-Files.

If you had a surprise day off, how would you spend it?

I would spend the day outdoors either hiking, rock climbing or scuba diving.


Connect with Kimmy on LinkedIn and learn more about TBI's back-office support resources, here