TBI Operations Team Spotlight: Marja Luoma

TBI’s award-winning back office is unmatched in the industry. Get to know the people who make an impact. This month we shine the spotlight on Marja Luoma, Mobility Project Coordinator.

How long have you been at TBI? What is your role?Marja Luoma

It will be 3 years in July as a Mobility Project Coordinator. Some of my day-to-day functions include supporting partners by creating competitive quotes, processing mobility orders, and helping train new employees and new partners that may have questions on the mobility process.

What do you enjoy about TBI?

I enjoy the work/life balance that TBI offers, the appreciation I feel from everyone within TBI, and the ability to openly express any opinions I have that can better benefit my team.

What is a personal accomplishment you have attained while at TBI? What personal goals do you have set?

Working at TBI has allowed me to broaden my knowledge in the mobility industry which has really allowed me to become more confident in my work and speaking to partners. Outside of work, I have a personal goal to continue to be healthy and stick to it more often.

What would you do if you were given a surprise day off?

As long as it was summertime, I would head to the lake and spend my day on a boat in the sunshine.

What is the last show or movie you binge-watched?

The last show I binged was Crime Scene: The Vanishing at the Cecil Hotel.


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