TBI Partner Referral Program Brings More Revenue Opportunity

A transformation has been happening in the telecom space as traditional, transactional services are making way for more complex – and more profitable – cloud-based solutions. And with this shift, many partners are facing a new selling challenge: balancing fresh, hearty opportunities while still satisfying customers’ simpler, more transactional needs. Several partners have built their business on network and more transactional services and, understandably, are not looking to abandon that book of business. How can these partners continue to grow their business with higher margin sales activity while maintaining and growing their existing revenue stream?

Enter TBI’s Partner Referral Program.  

The Partner Referral Program offers a profitable solution to help partners refocus efforts on growth while not missing out on existing and new sales.  

Partners refer leads or accounts that need management for potential up and cross sell into cloud solutions, while still earning commission. TBI handles the sale from initial engagement all the way through post-sales support—and even renewal of services. Partners taking advantage of the referral program feel confident that TBI is utilizing all aspects of its vendor portfolio and internal resources to find and implement the right solutions for their customers.  

Leveraging the Power of TBI

With a team of industry experts and solution engineers, TBI has the resources to fully scope customer needs and unearth new opportunities – meaning more money for the partner when larger sales are uncovered. Partners receive commissions on every sale TBI makes through that contract.

Partners lean on TBI’s Referral Program to not only sell services but also upgrade solutions through an expansive, diverse portfolio. Referring leads allows partners to offer more value-added services with a team well-versed on the entire TBI portfolio, strengthening customer relationships and tapping into untouched business – without any additional legwork.

How It Works

Referring leads is easy. The Referral Program is designed to be as simple as possible, while also providing partners with detailed tracking and reporting. TBI can furnish a dedicated, unique-to-you 800-number that tracks all incoming leads. Share with customers via your website, email, ads, etc., and they’re directly connected with TBI and tagged to you. Partners can also get a custom webform to embed in their websites or share as a link. Once the form is completed, it triggers the TBI team to make an outbound call to the interested lead, appropriately tagging that lead back to the partner.

Elevate to the Cloud

With the ever-growing popularity of cloud services, it is vital for partners to focus on establishing themselves in this market. For partners focused on larger, more strategic cloud opportunities, offloading more transactional sales to the referral team, keeps the steady recurring revenue stream while helping each company free up time, resources and personnel for upmarket opportunity. As for cloud sales, the referral team assists in multiple capacities, by completely handling the sale if the partner chooses (often when solutions discussed fall outside of his/her wheelhouse), identifying cloud projects from traditional network calls, co-sell and roping in other TBI business units for training and certification programs.

Satisfying Customer Needs

Any customer need that falls outside the purview of a partner, is another potential sale for someone else. The Partner Referral Team was created to add to partners’ disciplines, identify upsell opportunities and offload time consuming opportunities. Leads passed onto TBI allows for a holistic sale, integrating solution engineers and subject matter experts pending what transpires with the call. The TBI team works to meet customer needs (possibly even expanding on them) while paying partner commissions.

The TBI Partner Referral Team helps develop partner long-term goals and evolve their business.

Learn more about the Partner Referral Program – contact Bill Vander Vennet at billvv@tbicom.com or 512.994.3440.

Bill Vander Vennet is Director of TBI’s National Referral Program. The program allows traditional selling partners and other persons or businesses to refer telecom and cloud solution leads to TBI and receive a monthly residual or upfront commission on lead sales. You can connect with Bill Vander Vennet at billvv@tbicom.com or on LinkedIn.