TBI Partners with CDS Global to Bring Data Center Solutions to Chinese Market

The partnership expands data center opportunities for partners with enterprise and midsize business operating in China.

CHICAGO, IL – September 2, 2020 - TBI, the nation’s leading technology brokerage firm, announces the addition of CDS Global to their provider portfolio. As the only company in China with government approved licensing for cross border connection and internal internet connectivity, CDS Global is a premier global provider with 10+ full-service data centers globally and 50+ satellite locations within mainland China.

Headquartered in Beijing, China, CDS Global is a 20-year old publicly traded company with the only license from the Chinese Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) to service businesses in China with Private Line, Internet Access, Data Center service, Domestic VPN and CDN. Due to heavy congestion at the national firewall, most web-based applications not native to China are slowed down or blocked; this includes such applications as Google, Office 365, Salesforce and all other cloud or web-based applications, making doing business in China from outside China nearly impossible.


CDS Global developed their own unique platform Global Private Network (GPN). This secure Level 2 network bypasses the congestions at the public firewalls, allowing for normal, expected speed of light internet. CDS Global Cloud has built several problem-solving solutions from this technology that enables companies to do business in China. Some of the solutions include Website Speed Enhancement, real time gaming and streaming and general enterprise business functions that were impossible before.

“CDS Global Cloud is extremely excited and honored to partner with TBI.  We view this partnership as a vital relationship to help both companies grow and to be a value-add solution that is viewed as much more than just a vendor,” said Denver Benedict, Vice President of Sales and Channel Partnerships at CDS Global.

“Bringing CDS Global into the TBI portfolio creates a whole new niche for our partner community,” said TBI’s Senior Vice President of Strategic Partnerships, Scott Whalen. “This expands our partners’ opportunities within the global market and with international customers operating businesses out of China. Being able to assist companies previously hindered by connectivity issues creates a very unique value prop and we look forward to seeing what this new partnership brings.”


About CDS Global Cloud
CDS Global Cloud is an international IaaS provider with data centers throughout the US, Europe, and Asia. Listed in the NEEQ stock market in China, Capital Online Data Services is a leading ISP and IDC operator in China with over 18 years of dedicated hosting management experience. CDS was founded with the singular mission to assist global companies of all sizes with offices, partners or clients in China to bypass The Great Firewall. This allows complete global internet connection privately and securely where there was not a solution before. To learn more, visit www.cdsglobalcloud.com.


About TBI
TBI is North America’s largest privately held Master Agent. Since 1991, TBI has served as a technology services distributor, assisting Systems Integrators, VARs, MSPs, IT consultants, developers, software distributors and more in advising and sourcing the right technology solutions. TBI serves as a partner’s advocate, ensuring the proper provisioning of cloud, internet, data, mobility, voice, and managed services from best-in-class service providers to achieve clients’ desired business outcomes. With a 75+ person back-office, TBI partners are fully supported by pre- and post-sales operations, commissions analysts and project managers. Solutions engineers and subject matter experts along with training and an award-winning marketing team empower its partners to be the foremost authority to advise and source all of their clients’ technology needs in over 40 countries. For more information visit www.tbicom.com and follow TBI on LinkedIn