TBI Recognizes Emerging Leader, Morgan Kulpinski

At TBI, we are all about growing from within and developing our talent. That is why we have created a home-grown Leadership Development Program that gives TBI employees, who are interested in pursuing management, a chance to learn and practice skills that will help prepare them to lead one day. Today, we feature TBI's Finance Manager, Morgan Kulpinski.

What is your role at TBI and how long have you been with the organization?headshot-3

I serve as TBI’s Finance Manager, overseeing our financial analyst and commission auditors. I have been with TBI for almost 4.5 years and began as a commission analyst in 2017. I became a senior analyst in 2018, a financial analyst in 2019, and most recently, became the finance manager in 2020.

What made you interested in participating in TBI's Leadership Development Program?

As a new manager, I was interested in developing skills that would help me lead my team in the most successful way possible. 

What was the biggest takeaway you had from this program?

This program has given me a great foundation to continue building and leading my team. I’ve learned some valuable skills that I can pass onto my team, such as leading effective meetings, public speaking, stress and time management, and mentoring.

Who have you looked up to for mentorship in your leadership journey?

TBI's Senior Post Sales Manager, Chris Hollock, has been my go-to guy. We meet every few weeks to talk through issues I'm having and brainstorm the best solutions. 

What does leadership mean to you?

To me, leadership means using your time and skills to help someone reach their full potential. I often tell my team that, “I want them to be better at their job than I ever was,” and use that as the basis to help them grow in their career.

What's the best advice you can give to those looking to transition into a leadership role?

It's okay to make mistakes as you learn to manage your team. Every person on your team may need to be managed in a different way, and not every change will work out perfectly the first time you try and implement it. 


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