TBI’s New Project Management System Boosts Master Agent’s Operational Efficiencies

This article was originally published on Channel Partners Online.

TBI Remains Front-Runner of Operational Support in Indirect Channel

CHICAGO, IL – SEPTEMBER 27, 2017 – During Channel Partner’s Conference & Expo in April, TBI revealed its proprietary operational support system and processes. Now at Cloud Evolution, the master agency introduces additional features and enhancements that include automated project management to help with additional transparency, accountability and the seamless customer experience.

TBI’s 60+ operational support staff quickly gets up to speed and onto tackling the day’s projects by viewing a simplified dashboard in NetSuite, customized to display their tasks, color coded by priority-level. The dashboards are designed to manage workloads and prioritize items based on Service Level Agreements in place with TBI’s 90+ vendors. The enhanced manager view allows visibility into the entire team’s productivity, milestones and items out of SLA, making it easier to be proactive rather than reactive, inquiring about, triaging and escalating opportunities. Structured similar to a NOC, TBI’s dashboards are displayed on monitors throughout the office for global accountability. With these mechanisms in place, all deliverables are accounted for and documented.

Additionally, TBI rolls out a new project management system custom-built within NetSuite to further improve the post-sales processes and decrease installation timeframes. Project management was created to work in the same fashion as pre- and post-sales support dashboards. Every order that comes in is automatically assigned a Project Manager based on provider and service complexity. The project is tagged with built-in milestones and estimated completion dates. The system took six months to build and refine; it allows for pricing and turnaround time to be simpler and faster.

“The systems, processes and established KPIs allows for employees to own their world, creating a culture of accountability,” said Adam Knudsen, Senior Director of Operations. “Deploying dashboards and custom task lists, have instilled a sense of pride and accomplishment in the team’s collective work, they are motivated to hit expectations we’ve set for our subagents and their customers. We’ve already seen positive results, with an increase in productivity and 30% decrease in installation time.”

TBI utilizes Oracle’s NetSuite for enterprise-grade CRM and ERP for commissioning and its back-office support. Its custom integrations and enhancements have been recognized by NetSuite:

TBI’s back-office functionality integrates with the soon to be launched TBI OnDemand. The application will debut in October, further automating the partner experience.


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