The Future of Telecom: Predictions for 2016

The start of a new year brings promises of a brighter future and exciting new technology. Experts predict quite a few developments in the coming year as communications continue to grow. No one knows what exactly 2016 will hold but here are TBI’s top predictions:

2016 Telecom Predictions
Security reigns.
A hot topic in 2015 remains at the forefront in 2016: security. More specifically data security (think headline-making breaches at top retailers). Consumers are more and more concerned with protecting their information, making security more important for businesses. Avoiding negative publicity and retaining customers is the driving force for businesses to invest in security. What’s new in 2016? Many experts are predicting a greater number of attacks on employee-owned devices as more employees work outside the office.

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Cloud is the new normal.
Businesses are embracing it. The market for cloud-based applications is growing exponentially with half of CIOs and IT leaders reported cost-savings in 2015 as result of using SaaS applications (based on survey from Gartner). Interest in the cloud is growing and a large number of SMBs are creating a hybrid strategy to start cloud migration. According to IDC, more than 50% of enterprise IT organizations in the process of building hybrid clouds will purchase new or updated cloud management solutions in 2016. The coming year is also expected to show an 11% shift of IT budget away from traditional in-house IT delivery to versions of cloud delivery.

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Unified communications and collaboration thrive.
The rise in work-from-anywhere business models and increase in 24/7 engagement drives the need for unified services. Communication has evolved. Traditional phone calls and email have given way to chat, video, file sharing, contact centers, collaboration and conferencing. Popularity of smart devices, video capabilities and cloud services allow more and more organizations to adopt unified communications. Unified communications as a service (UCaaS) is offering businesses improved connectivity and greater scalability. Spending on UCaaS is expected to reach $24.88 billion in 2020 (reported by MarketWatch).

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Mobility wins big.
Strong wireless device sales in 2015 showed that mobility continues to flourish. Most CIOs and IT managers view mobility as critical for success. A study from IDG Enterprise revealed 70% of businesses will spend one-fifth of their IT budgets on mobility in 2016. The development of mobile apps and improved functionality will only increase sales, creating greater opportunity for partners. Solutions like mobile device management (MDM) and mobile expense management (MEM) are available to help customers effectively manage mobility and keep devices secure.

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It will be interesting to see what 2016 holds for the telecom industry. There’s no doubt that communications will continue to grow and develop as business needs change. Expect to see quite a few exciting advancements in the coming year.


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