The Mindset of the New IT Buyer

Demand for digitalization comes from all ends of an organization and is changing the way technology decisions have traditionally been made. There are outside factors and business unit influences that affect how technology is consumed, internally; just as a downed network affects an entire organization, a dysfunctional integration between a CRM and an email automation platform affects productivity, and degradation of phone and voice services affects the customer experience. Ultimately, these afflictions lead to loss in revenue.

As more companies migrate their infrastructures to the cloud and adopt software-as-a-service models, decisions surrounding data transportation, collaboration, and access are now involving the full executive team in the decision-making process; therefore, it’s imperative to speak the stakeholders’ language to get them on-board with your proposed solution, invested in the purchase and become a champion on your behalf.

Technology purchases no longer sit solely with IT; it’s marketing, business intelligence, sales and even HR that often hold the proverbial purse strings. To address executive level priorities – identifying new revenue streams, automation, customer and employee satisfaction and overall growth, – we’re breaking down key considerations from all potential decision makers to help you engage in a conversation around business outcomes, clearly understand how proposed solutions can further respective agendas, and deliver on overall company goals.

Download this white paper to understand how to address all stakeholders at the buying table.