The Secrets to Event Marketing

Tips for Marketing Your Event

Events are a great way to get in front of your existing customers and engage with new potential customers. Since we host dozens of events a year, we have shared a little bit of our secret sauce when it comes to marketing an event and getting return on your investment.


Registration Page

The registration page is the most important piece to your marketing effort for an upcoming event. Make sure the page has a clear and interesting description (keeping it as brief as possible) and including the pertinent info:

  • Time/Date
  • Location (venue, street address, city, etc.)
  • Topic
  • Why someone should attend
Some Additional Tips:
  • Use endorsements, like quotes from a previous event or testimonials about your company
  • Provide multiple places for a visitor to click to register - make it easy to sign up
  • Include speakers bios and head shots - includes the speaker’s credentials; a qualified and interesting speaker can provide a huge boost in attendance


Email Invitations

Start with the first thing all recipients will see, the subject line. Use a subject line that inspires interest, excitement or even anger as subject lines that fail to elicit an emotional response are less likely to be opened. You can reference something the recipient will miss out on, something they need or a reason to open. Make sure you are speaking to the recipient’s needs.
  • Example: Don’t miss this exclusive invitation
  • Example: Did you forget something? (a reminder to register)CTA_TBI-Marketing-101-Ebook
  • Example: You can’t afford to miss this presentation

More E-vite Tips:

  • Keep subject lines relatively short – ideally 50 characters or less
  • Provide a video link. A video thumbnail can improve interest and click-through rates. A good video (testimonials or a speaker’s past speech for example) can improve registration numbers.
  • Send multiple email invitations, especially for large events
  • A few days before the event, provide reminder emails that also include necessary information for the attendee such as time, location, directions, parking information, etc. 
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Social Media Promotion

  • Take heavy advantage of using free platforms to get the word out about an event - use language that creates a call-to-action and give the reader reasons why they should attend your event
  • Make sure to provide a registration link on all event posts 
  • Consider an event hashtag - use something creative that is unique to your brand/event that will stick out to anyone who sees it. This hashtag can be used throughout all of your promotion efforts (emails, social, ads, etc.)
  • Post often, especially on Twitter. Social media posts are much easier to miss, so post registration information, testimonials, pictures/videos of past events, links to related blogs, shoutouts to sponsors, highlight speakers, etc. as often as possible.
  • Follow people who show interest. If someone has liked a post or two, they have noticed your event. Following them can push that interest from looking to registering.

These are just a few of the key marketing components you should incorporate in the promotion of your next event. 

If you want to learn more about any of the tips covered this month, email or download the Marketing 101 Ebook.



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As Digital Marketing Manager at TBI, Amanda is responsible for creating and writing engaging content and assisting with internal and external communications programs. She manages a portion of the digital marketing efforts for both the TBI and Omni Center teams, including social media strategy and execution.  You can reach Amanda at connect with her on LinkedIn.