The Workforce of Today Demands Mobile-Friendly, Cloud-Based UC&C

If you haven’t heard it already from your end customers and prospects, get ready! The workforce of today is increasingly mobile, with 3.7 million employees (a whopping 2.8 percent of the workforce) working from home at least half the time.i And as Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) and telecommuting policies are put in place on a grand scale, the demand for unified collaboration and communications (UC&C) solutions is fiercer than ever. Enterprises currently spend $8.1 million on average on UC&C products and services.ii The dollars put towards UC&C solutions are justified, though, as companies who deploy UC&C solutions yield remarkably positive results. Companies with highly-effective internal communications offer 47 percent higher returns for shareholders.iii

The burgeoning popularity of UC&C in today’s workforce has ushered in an era of transformation within the industry. As we enter into 2017, mobility and cloud-compatibility are the name of the game, as vendors embrace a mobile-first approach that hinges on cloud-based UC&C services and hybrid deployment offerings.

The typical business currently utilizes 545 different cloud-based services,iv a jaw-dropping number that will only grow as UC&C vendors and providers continue to hone in on the promise of cloud-based UC&C solutions to answer the deafening cry of the global mobile workforce for more convenient UC&C solutions that are accessible at any time, in any place.

If collaboration tools are to be made available on any device in any situation, cloud services and mobile applications are essential. The needs of modern professionals are expanding and growing more complex alongside technological advancements, and the UC&C industry is turning to mobility and cloud-compatibility to answer those needs.

UC&C is a forward-thinking investment, as recent innovations in the UC&C space are future-proofing the technology. With a global mobile workforce expected to reach 1.87 billion by 2022,v cloud-based, mobile-collab-gears.jpgfriendly UC&C options provide a clear-cut way to nail down a long-term collaboration strategy and ensure
continued communication and, therefore, success, for enterprises of all sizes.

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