How to Thrive in a Changing Technology Landscape

In today’s world of technology, VARs are at risk. That’s what Ken Mercer explains in his article, “Cashing in on Convergence: A Survival Guide for VARs”, published on The VAR Guy, January 27th. Ken explains that it is no longer sufficient for VARs to sell from a single silo of products, whether hardware or software, as they have in the past.

These days, customers are able to get hardware and software straight from the service providers themselves, for free. Instead, if VARs want to survive, let alone thrive in this new marketplace, they must serve a more consultative function, selling a converged technology solution that takes into account all the hardware, software, and connectivity needs of their customer.

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The days of life as a commodity broker are numbered, Ken says. The technology landscape is changing quickly and constantly and if VARs want to be seen as relevant and valuable assets to their customers, they need to serve a broader, more strategic purpose than they ever have before. When VARs sell converged solutions they are not just responding to their customers’ specific technology requests as they used to, but are instead acting as a trusted adviser, looking to solve their customers’ long-term business problems, increase business efficiencies, and solve broken processes.

This is the future for VARs: shifting from commodity brokers to trusted advisers. This is also why partnering with a Master Agency is so important for VARs. In order to offer a converged technology solution, one needs to have as much technology in his portfolio as possible. This is exactly what a Master Agency offers: all the technology solutions your customer needs (whether he knows it now or not), and an objective point of view.

As the nation's leading Master Agent, TBI offers access to 50+ of the country's top technology service providers, and a completely vendor-agnostic experience, making sure your customer’s needs are always at the center of the quoting and decision-making process. To learn more about what TBI can do to help VARs make the move to becoming a trusted business adviser, email us at

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