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This article was originally published on PR Newswire.

NEW YORKJune 6, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Brosnan Security, the renowned national security officer firm, has unveiled its newest SmartTruck, transformed by MetTel IoT into a connected mobile command center capable of instant internal and external threat and efficiency detection, analysis and response.  Brosnan is rolling out the new SmartTrucks to big box retail store parking lots nationwide through 2019.

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It’s interesting to note that device loss accounts for 41% of breaches, compared with 25% that derived from hacking and malware, according to Trend Micro. Overall, there has been a 300% increase in mobile device OS vulnerabilities since 2011, and businesses are realizing the increasingly critical need to protect the company—and customer data. As networking environments have evolved, IT departments adapted to growing security threats in mobile devices. Cabir, the first virus that infected smartphones, reared its ugly head in 2004, and by the time iPhones and other smartphones emerged, a whole new generation of security woes had been born.

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Preparing for 2019 Sales in the Channel.

The rise of IoT, emerging technologies and increased demand for edge computing will present new security and data center challenges. Conversations will begin taking a different shape starting 2019.

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