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October 2017, Synergy Research reported that the UCaaS market is accelerating at an annualized rate of 29%, as strong UCaaS adoption continues to drive the market. Once seen as technology for improved communication, UCaaS is now viewed as a platform that helps increase productivity. The resulting increase in revenue from this improved productivity is one of the main drivers accelerating the growth of the UCaaS in mid-market and enterprises businesses.

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In 2017, Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) will continue as one of the top trends shaping the market for business communications services. Businesses of all sizes, notably SMBs, are shifting their focus from being actively interested in UCaaS as an alternative to on premise solutions, to officially adopting UC as a hosted service.

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Suggesting VoIP solutions to companies within healthcare, finance, government, and retail is tricky. Businesses and organizations operating within these verticals are under high levels of legal scrutiny because they frequently transmit sensitive customer and patient data. In order to comply with legislation, they need a hosted voice system that uses strong cryptography and security, such as SSL/TLS or IPsec, to protect data during transmission over public networks and while at rest.

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