Trends Driving SD-WAN Adoption

According to IDG Research , The SD-WAN market is expected to reach $8B by 2021. SD-WAN sales and implementations are growing. The report indicates that adoption rates increased from 35% to 54% over the past two years, with 90% of their respondents saying they are actively researching, piloting or about to upgrade to SD-WAN. And the reason for growth is to solve for a few business challenges, mainly: optimizing networks to support cloud technologies, simplifying network management and improving application performance which all, in turn, help deliver on a better customer experience.

Our August download, Trends Driving SD-WAN Adoption, will help you understand the driving forces of SD-WAN adoption and aid you in facilitating the conversation with your customers and prospects. Download this guide to have on hand or leave it with your clients to use as a quick, concessive overview. Being aware of the trends happening in the SD-WAN market can position you to speak more confidently about this solution and support your customers in finding the right solution. 


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