UCaaS: 5 Value Propositions

By the year 2018,the Unified Communications as a Service  (UCaaS) market will reach $5.3 billion. This is according to market research firm Wainhouse Research.

In yesterday’s webinar "Unified Communications as a Service", TBI Director of Sales Adam Knudsen and Sales Trainer Dave Landsberger took a deep dive into Unified Communications and discussed the different services UCaaS includes, the value proposition it offers, and what the perfect UCaaS customer looks like.

As a general definition Unified Communications is every element of a business’s communication, brought together under one provider, put into one cloud, and managed on one network.

Gartner divides UCaaS into six broad communication functions: voice and telephony, conference applications, messaging, presence and IM, clients, and communication applications.

Adam and Dave emphasized that no matter what vertical your customer is in, or what size his organization is, all businesses use several forms of these communication functions in their every day operations. By consolidating these functions into one unified solution, your customer can take advantage of more holistic and integrative business processes that deliver long-term benefits.

So, where do you begin the UCaaS conversation? The perfect way to start the discussion with your customer is by addressing these five value propositions UCaaS offers:

  1. Cost effectiveness
  2. Maintenance outsourcing
  3. Scalability
  4. Mobility
  5. Future-proofing solutions

To learn more about these benefits and how to spot the perfect Unified Communications customer, watch the recorded webinar here:

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