[Video] Unboxing Cradlepoint's CBA850

TBI’s VP of Technology and Business Development, Steve Roos, unboxes Cradlepoint's CBA850 and takes you through how to properly setup the device.

Watch the video to learn:

  • How to set up and activate the CBA850 device
  • Functions of each connection port on the CBA850 device
  • The ease of provisioning and set up of CBA850 device

 About the Cradlepoint CBA850 device:

The CradlePoint CBA850 is a business grade 4G/LTE router that is best used for rapid deployment and disaster recovery for Internet services. The CBA850 provides the ability to extend management capability to any primary router out-of-band without a static IP Using cloud secure access. The modular MC400 modem with dual SIM capability adds to its flexibility with speeds up to 300 Mbps. This device can be purchased through  Broad Sky Networks and is also available through VAR partners including SHI and CDW. 

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