Unboxing Meraki MX65 Firewall [VIDEO]

Considering upgrading to a next-gen firewall? Watch the video to see the unboxing of a Cisco Meraki MX65 Firewall.

Next-Gen Firewalls are the evolution of the enterprise firewall coupled with a number of network devices filtering and security features to protect customers. These firewalls, including the Cisco Meraki MX65, take on management, maintenance and reporting.

Watch the video to learn:

  • Device overview
  • Features and functions
  • Security features
  • Providers options

About the Meraki MX65 device:

The Meraki MX65 device offers traffic shaping and application management. It is best suited for organizations with 50 clients or less. It has a small form factor, 10 LAN ports, including 2 PoE+ ports. The device can be managed centrally over the web and has the ability to classify applications, users and devices with zero-touch, self-provisioning deployments.


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