Understanding Your Prospects

Did you miss yesterday’s TBI webinar? Here is a brief recap and link to the presentation.

In “Understanding your Prospects”, TBI Director of Sales Adam Knudsen and Sales Trainer Dave Landsberger discussed strategies agents can use when targeting prospective customers or introducing new services to their current customers.

They emphasized that no matter who your customer is, or what vertical industry they are in, the way to present yourself as a true technology advisor is to ask about your customer’s overall business objectives for 2015, and not just their technology needs.

They explained that instead of presenting yourself as a reseller of telecom, which is how many of our agents are seen, you can break out of the box by starting a more comprehensive conversation with your customers about their strategic business goals. Once you know where they are headed in the long-term you can present them with solutions that extend beyond just voice and telecom, and prove yourself to be a true business adviser that can solve their organization’s long-term problems through technology solutions.

In addition, each vertical industry presents its own set of obstacles and IT stress points that need to be solved in order for businesses to achieve their long-term goals. The webinar explored the different concerns and range of solutions our agents can offer businesses in the healthcare, retail, education, and logistics industries.

To learn about these solutions and more, watch the recorded webinar here:
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