Understanding the Next-Gen Firewall

A majority of companies have some sort of firewall. Many feel a false sense of protection and don’t even know the potential risks of insufficient armor. 

As the first required building block for an overall network security posture, a firewall is designed to block unauthorized traffic from penetrating the network. In addition to a vast array of security policies a company should employ, maintaining a firewall can stretch far beyond a full-time job and ties up a lot of IT resources. 

Having a firewall alone is not enough. A firewall does not prevent viruses or malware from entering the network, it cannot detect intruders nor can it monitor network traffic. Next-Gen Firewalls are the evolution of the enterprise firewall coupled with a number of network devices filtering and security features to protect customers.

With so many cyber security risks, it makes sense to invest in a managed firewall solution. Download TBI's Guide to Next-Gen Firewall.