Introducing the University of TBI

Back when I was a collegiate English professor, I built a learning website for each and every one of my classes. These sites handled a lot of different trainings and teaching functions, but the one thing that my students consistently thanked me for was making all reading materials free and accessible online. These sites weren’t just evaluation tools and grading platforms, they were valuable portals to true learning.

Sure, the cost of textbooks is too high. Sure, college students would rather spend their $200 bucks on something that’s a little more entertaining. But really, what my students responded to was the fact that I made it easy for them. It was all right there: every assignment, every reading, every due date, etc.  They didn’t have to go anywhere to find anything related to the course unless they wanted to diversify their learning experience. 

Professional education in the private sector is critical. The stakes are higher. Competition can have more resources. And time is more and more priceless.

Enter the University of TBIlearn.tbicom.comUniversity of TBI Certification Logo

The University of TBI is a learning management application that hosts trainings related to understanding and selling technology within the Channel. Throughout each and every step of creating this platform, we kept our partner’s educational desires and their time in mind. After completing a successful beta program with a handful of select partners, TBI is excited to roll this training platform out to our entire partner community. 

What can you find on the University of TBI?

  • The TBI Solutions Certification is a fantastic place to begin, whether you are new to telecom or looking to brush up on fundamentals. This certification details the technologies that are currently selling within the Channel today. It explains cloud computing, dedicated networking services and telephony basics in easy to understand layman’s terms that can be repeated to prospects and existing customers. Updated semiannually, the certification reflects the ever changing landscape of technology.
  • Technology Overview and Recommendations are available for some of the larger growth markets anticipated in 2016. Whether it’s Unified Communications as a Service, or say Disaster Recovery as a Service, partners are given baseline information about how the technology works, statistics to demonstrate market readiness, TBI’s handpicked best-of-breed vendor options and discovery questions to get conversations started.

TBI is proud to be able to contribute to partner education. The opportunity to safeguard our partners from misinformation, product hype and most importantly misuse of time set aside for education are things we do not take lightly. 

If you’re a current TBI partner looking to get started on the University, please reach out to or contact your Channel Manager directly.

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About the Author
Dave Landsberger is a Training Manager at TBI. He designs content and delivers training to support TBI’s sales campaigns. Dave develops training programs that foster a culture of continuous learning to ensure the maximum effectiveness of TBI’s sales efforts. You can contact Dave at or connect with him on LinkedIn.