Viasat Construction Case Study

SSG Construction, a company renovating facilities on a remote Southern California military base, needed high-speed internet to communicate with its field teams and share real-time data.

With up to 20 employees and 30 subcontractors, SSG needed to keep its teams connected and informed. Often working at sites with no permanent address and outside the cable, fiber, and cell zones, internet connectivity proved tough to find at the speeds SSG needed to operate.



SSG’s previous internet service worked so slowly that emails sometimes took hours to receive and contractors couldn’t connect to the company’s virtual private network (VPN). SSG tried using cell service for internet, but there was only one provider — and tower — on base and multiple businesses used its bandwidth, which created a congested network and slow user experience. Worse, the service wasn’t always available where employees were working, leaving them completely unconnected. Employees often drove down the road and left the job site to get service. SSG needed a high-speed, reliable, and available internet service that allowed its teams to do their jobs.


The Viasat Business Internet team provided SSG with fast broadband speeds at a price lower than its previous, slower provider. Using longitude and latitude coordinates to service the remote site, Viasat’s team installed high- speed internet within four days of a site survey. With Viasat internet speeds of up to 35 Mbps and above, SSG enabled real-time communication and collaboration with its field teams.



After installation, SSG:

  • stayed connected, even at its out-of-the-way job sites
  • could have multiple users on the network without sacrificing speed
  • could connect to remote servers at corporate headquarters
  • enabled access to collaboration software such as ShareSync and Dropbox
  • reduced field complaints and increased operational efficiencies


“Viasat is the best internet option for contractors because construction companies commonly need internet in remote places with poor or no service. Having high-speed internet allows us to also explore using video conferencing and cloud-based estimator applications.” Darrel Calipo, SSG construction manager


About Viasat
If you have customers in challenging locations where cable isn’t available, Viasat Business has you covered with broadband internet that can reach almost every business! With nationwide coverage, affordable unlimited data plans, and installation as fast as 3 to 5 business days from placing your order, Viasat is the easy way to service customers who couldn't get fast internet before. And since our internet comes from space, it provides truly diverse network access from traditional providers to give your customers more reliability and availability.