Selling Mobility. What are you actually selling?

Selling mobility? What does the category “mobility” actually mean in channel? From fixed wireless to backup, IoT and management and actual devices, there is no shortage of solutions to sell.

Mobility is 4G/LTE backup, satellite or wireless for network diversity, and wireless WANs and connected devices. It could also be a fleet management or healthcare asset tracking solution or sensors to enable IoT.

Companies of all sizes and locations now have ready access to the Internet when, before satellite and wireless connectivity, there were limited options. With the rollout of 5G, the proliferation of BYOD and remote employees, and the increasing adoption of new cloud applications, businesses need faster network speeds and better tools to grow. Which mobility technologies are your customers purchasing to propel their businesses into 2020?

We’ve created a breakdown to help you understand what mobility entails and coupled it with a brief vendor overview. Download it today for a helpful boost to your mobility portfolio.


Mobility Breakdown Mobility Breakdown | Download the guide