The XO Connect On-Net Program

Start the new year with improved connectivity for your customers. With more and more businesses already On-Net with best-of-breed carriers like XO, it is easy to prospect and even easier to sell thanks to the number of benefits LIT buildings offer. 

Businesses in XO On-Net buildings have direct access to the XO award winning nationwide network by virtue of direct and dedicated high speed fiber connections. With fiber deployed directly into buildings around the US, customers will realize improved network performance and reliability, the latest technology, as well as faster installations and lower costs. Your customers benefit from multiple options for redundancy and diversity—so that existing network connections are automatically backed up and business can continue as usual during any unforeseen interruption in service or natural disaster.

Businesses in buildings that are part of the XO On-Net Expansion Program can look forward to:

  • An improved customer experience
  • A comprehensive suite of industry leading voice and data products
  • Technology leadership, especially in regards to Ethernet, Unified Communications, and IP services
  • More value for their telecom budget spend
  • Faster installation timelines
  • More scalable bandwidth options – 10MB up to 1G
  • Fewer network issues
  • Easier troubleshooting and faster trouble resolution in the event of an issue


The myXO portal for partners. Connect On-Net. It’s All Here.

The features and content showcased in the On-Net section of the myXO portal are designed to help you tailor powerful conversations to have with your customers.

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On-Net Building List

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Co-Branded Customer-Facing Brochure

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Co-Branded Property Managers & Tenants Brochure

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On-Net Promotions and SPIFFs

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Installation Guidelines

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XO Provider Highlights

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XO has invested heavily in providing partners and your customers with a fast-reliable solution

  • $500 MILLION in On-Net Expansion Funding
  • 422,000+ Fiber-Enabled On-Net & Target On-Net Buildings
  • 38 Major Markets where XO On-Net Services Available


About the Author

In the U.S., XO owns and operates one of the largest IP and Ethernet networks that customers rely on for private data networking, cloud connectivity, unified communications and voice, Internet access, and managed services. XO has a long history of innovation, including the first 100G (gigabits per second) coast-to-coast network.

In addition to the 85 markets served in the United States, XO extends service to more than 50 countries. The company has 1.5 million fiber strand miles in its network, including approximately 20,000 route-miles of intercity and 13,500 route-miles of metro fiber.  XO also has added direct fiber-connected buildings onto its network and now has nearly 5,000 On-Net buildings. In addition, the XO network has the capability to scale up on demand, to help customers future-proof bandwidth needs. 

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